Books open up worlds!

For 15 years WE have been doing books. In those and through its extending networks and numerous contacts with leading experts Eudora Publishers meanwhile has gained extensive expertise. Naturally, we want to make this available to a wide audience in many ways.

YOU are interested in one of these topics and would like to be them discussed in a larger public framework:
in your class or school,
in your bookstore,
during a conference,
during an association meeting, etc.
With Eudora-LectureS we want to make the following offer:

You can get contents and thematic introductions to selected topics, if necessary also test copies of our titles. Please order them directly from us.
In consultation, you can also receive professional materials for selected titles which, for example, simplify teaching preparation and provide help for teachers. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

To our title:
Dying Paganism. The reconstruction of the first world religion
by Bernhard Streck

we could offer:
author and publisher present the book or single topics in a conversation, duration approx. 90 minutes,
the author gives a lecture and replies to questions, duration approx. 90 minutes,
the author is ready to participate in a discussion on this or relating topics.

Possible topics would be:

  • Essence and contents of the pagan faith
  • Paganism and world religions – access to the topic from the perspectives of ethology of religions and of religious studies
  • Hierophanies of the pagan (see table of contents I.–XII.)
  • Characteristics of pagan religiosity in myth and worship, in practice and ritual
  • Magic and shamanism as traditional pagan techniques
  • Paganism and the monotheisms
  • Return of gods and spirits? Paganism today.


Ralf C. Müller will also be pleased to come to you to provide an insight into his work, to present the multifaceted job of a publisher and to read from selected books.

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