Armenien gestern und heute – „Die Aschen der Opfer schlagen in unseren Herzen“
Die Dorfkirche in Sachsen / Kohrener Schriften 5
Die Familie von Arnim in Westsachsen und das Rittergut Irfersgrün
Elisabeth Büchsel. Bilder eines schönen, starken Lebens
Cécile Cordon: Zwischen Hölderlin und Hitler. Die Schriftstellerin Imma Bodmershof und ihre Zeit (1895–1982)
ITALIA REGIA 2: Herrscherurkunden für Empfänger in Lotharingien, Oberitalien und Sachsen
Der Hingerichtete lebt! Skandal- und Kriminalstadtführer Leipzig-City
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Dresden und Leipzig
Kaiser Ludwig der Fromme (814–840) – DIGUB 5

Dear Readers,

Eudora Publishers Leipzig has been existing for more than 15 years. During this time we could manage to expand the house’s portfolio gradually, but keeping in view our “core competencies”, too. Southeastern Europe, for instance, with its multifaceted culture, but also numerous conflicts, deserves our special attention in these days. More recent are regional historical topics in our programme: Leipzig, Saxony and Middle Germany – almost always in their pan-European contexts.

Much as we are linked to the region, we are proud of the international orientation of the publishing house right from its beginning. In the meantime, we publish a not inconsiderable proportion of titles in foreign languages, and the authors of our house include scientists from almost all European countries and even from overseas.

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