Books open up worlds!

For 15 years WE have been doing books. In those and through its extending networks and numerous contacts with leading experts Eudora Publishers meanwhile has gained extensive expertise. Naturally, we want to make this available to a wide audience in many ways.

YOU are interested in one of these topics and would like to be them discussed in a larger public framework:
in your class or school,
in your bookstore,
during a conference,
during an association meeting, etc.
With Eudora-LectureS we want to make the following offer:

You can get contents and thematic introductions to selected topics, if necessary also test copies of our titles. Please order them directly from us.
In consultation, you can also receive professional materials for selected titles which, for example, simplify teaching preparation and provide help for teachers. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

To our title:
»It almost happend to me as to the fatherland …«
Heinrich Oskar Kunitzsch from Leipzig in the World War (1916–1918) – A War Diary

edited by Ralf C. Müller

we could offer:
the editor presents the book (with pictures), duration approx. 90 minutes,
the editor gives a lecture on aspects of the war reality 1914–1918, duration approx. 60 minutes,
the editor is ready to participate in a discussion on this or relating subject/s,
the editor and the daughter of Oskar Kunitzsch discuss about the protagonist’s life during the war and in Leipzig during the first half of the 20th century, duration approx. 60 minutes.

Possible topics could be:

  • The life of Heinrich Oskar Kunitzsch
  • How historians deal with ego-documents
  • The First World War from the perspective of a Saxon soldier
  • Front and home front – links between soldiers at war and their relatives at home 1914–1918
  • The Great War as a Modern War
  • From war to war – German mentality before, during and after World War I
  • Little man, What now? War-experience and strategic planning during World War I


Ralf C. Müller will also be pleased to come to you to provide an insight into his work, to present the multifaceted job of a publisher and to read from selected books.

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