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Alfred Graf von Schlieffen.
Strategist between Wars of Liberation and Stahlgewittern

[Wilhelm Hartmut Pantenius]



A man and “his plan”!

Alfred von Schlieffen is THE spiritual father of Germany’s strategic preparations for a new war, which went down in history as World War I. Schlieffen himself was deeply rooted in the 19th century and actively participated in the last cabinet wars through which the Germans won their nationhood. He saw himself in the tradition of his famous predecessor and idol Helmuth von Moltke, and yet he was convinced that in the 20th century modern wars would be on an entirely new scale. As Chief of the General Staff he faced these challenges – not as a military zealot, but as a man of Prussian virtues, who saw himself in the service of a higher power, who was conscious of his limitations, but also of his responsibility. Maybe, it was not easy for him to accept the role of a “modern Alexander”, but in the highest position and with excellent expertise he tried to ensure his country and its soldiers victory and avoid hardships in the universally recognized necessity of war.

This book goes beyond the scope of a mere biography and paints a picture of European society, depicting political and mental developments as well as human ties in detail, and therefore provides new insights into motivations and actions of political and military protagonists on the eve of the Great War.

2016, 1056 pages, hardcover, 157 black-and-white illustrations, 30 maps, 6 diagrams, 32 coloured tables, indices, 15 x 23 cm;
ISBN: 978-3-938533-57-4


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