Early papal deeds (891–1054)

Irmgard Fees/ Francesco Roberg]

Digitale Urkundenbilder aus dem Marburger Lichtbildarchiv älterer Originalurkunden – DIGUB 2/I



Digital reproductions of documents from the Marburg photo-archive of older original deeds –DIGUB 2/I

The first volume of papal deeds as sub-series of DIGUB shows all originals which are issued from 891 until the end of Leo’s IX pontificate and preserved within German archives. Three pieces from archives in Liège and Paris are added, because they are given to German addressees, too (No 13-15). To the most outstanding documents belong: the deed by Steven VI to Neuenheerse (No 1) – the only papyrus-original in Germany, apart from the Hersfeld fragment (No 2); the deed issued by John XVIII to Paderborn from 1005, December (No 3) – the oldest preserved original written on parchment to a non-Italian addressee; the original of pope Leo IX to archbishop Hermann of Cologne from 1052, May 7 (No 15) – now published as a reproduction of the older, still undamaged state; Leo’s IX deed to archbishop Adalbert of Hamburg from 1053, January 6 (No 18) – the original was destroyed by fire during the war in 1943. The edition also shows the developing outward form of the papal deed. Thus, one can study apart from contents formal aspects, too.

About the sub-series DIGUB 2 – Papal deeds:
The Curia was the most important issuing authority during the European Middle Ages. For the period between 753 and 1197 alone there are existing about 25,000 papal deeds, another 28,000 until 1250. In contrast, these important sources are rarely available as reproductions: For the time till 1100 we only have illustrations of c. 50 original deeds. Therefore, the portfolios containing papal deeds within the DIGUB-series shall put things right.

Library-Edition, cloth-binded portfolio – content identically equal to Study-Edition

2006, 35 tables, 10 pages – format: DIN A3 (29.7 cm x 42 cm), ill. black and white;
ISBN: 978-3-938533-08-6

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