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Papal deeds of the 12th century: Simple charters and Litterae

Irmgard Fees/ Francesco Roberg]

Digitale Urkundenbilder aus dem Marburger Lichtbildarchiv älterer Originalurkunden – DIGUB 2/IV



Digital reproductions of documents from the Marburg photo-archive of older original deeds – DIGUB 2/IV

This is the final of four volumes dedicated to the papal deeds. After publishing the figures of early papal documents up to the time of Leo IX surviving in German archives, those of the second half of the 11th century as well as a selection from the ceremonious charters of the 12th century, the current volume shows simple privileges and litterae of the 12th century. Due to the increasingly broadening tradition over that century, the deeds can only be presented in a selection. The volume contains illustrations of 32 Simple privileges and Litterae issued by the popes of the 12th century and surviving in the original in German, Swiss and Austrian archives.

The volume presents the so-called Simple privileges, the Litterae cum serico (silk-cord letters) and the Litterae cum filo canapis (hemp-twine letters) three types of documents, which were newly developed during the 12th century, albeit basing on older patterns. The documents by researchers in general referred to as Simple privileges are in use only a few decades before they are abandoned already before the mid-12th century; the last surviving example dates from 1138 (JL 7867, plate 7). Parallel to them, the Litterae are developing and become the most common type of papal documents. Up to the 1140s they occur very rarely in its two forms; their number is increasing only since the middle of that century. This is reflected in the present volume, which shows five Simple privileges, but only three silk-cord and five hemp-twine letters for the first 50 years.

Library-Edition, cloth-binded portfolio – content identically equal to Study-Edition

2015, 32 tables, 10 pages format: DIN A3 (29.7 cm x 42 cm), ill. black and white
ISBN: 978-3-938533-24-6

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