Mobile Cultures.
A congruent history of the Gabor in Transylvania

[Fabian Jacobs]



The Gabor from Transylvania live their lives in a way that in many respects is similar to what is considered a current challenge: the modern mobility in search of work. While it but often is accompanied by the problem of alienation from home and family, the Gabor succeed in preserving their cultural identity, precisely because their mobility represents a significant part of their history.

This book approaches this phenomenon both from a sociological, anthropological and historical perspective, and from the perspective of the Romani-speaking Gabor themselves. Thus, a congruent history of the Gabors’ culture is written and little stories are told. They provide an insight into the diversity of this family-unit grown over centuries. Here, the author examines the importance of kinship, portrays rituals of conflict and reconciliation between families, tells of complex rules of marriage, of religious quest for meaning and of self-preservation strategies in the Gabor-community. Family memories are linked up with authorial observations and allow the reader to dive into the lives of constructors of roof gutters, junk dealers and coppersmiths.

2012, 304 pages, softcover, illustrations/tables, 17 x 24 cm;
ISBN: 978-3-938533-41-3

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