Wolframite-Mining in Pechtelsgrün/Vogtland (1935–1968)

[Peter Burkhardt]


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On November 29, 1968, the last tram of ore was mined in Pechtelsgrün and, after 33 years, the short but intense history of wolframite-mining came to an end. It is part of a widespread and diverse mining-tradition all over the Vogtland and Western Ore-Mountains.

Pechtelsgrün is not an unimportant place on the map. Therefore, the growth of the local mine is presented in this book from its exploitation to decommissioning, and regimented into the mining-history of the region. In addition, numerous episodes from everyday life of the employees are described, which illuminates the interactions between social developments and life-stories.

The author, born in 1949 and grown up in Pechtelsgrün, has spent many hours on the company grounds, where both parents worked, and he later worked as a site manager and investment-engineer in the successor company of the wolframite-mine.

This book is written to all those who have ever worked here to remember, and it should ensure that their children and grandchildren won’t forget the mining in Pechtelsgrüner completely.

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2018, 208 pages, paperback, more than 390 ill. (b/w), 21 x 24 cm;
ISBN: 978-3-938533-68-0


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[Peter Burkhardt]

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