Studies in honour of Günther S. Henrich and Klaus-Peter Matschke

Sebastian Kolditz/ Ralf C. Müller]



This volume is the result of a symposium held in honour of Günther S. Henrich and Klaus-Peter Matschke, two professors of Byzantine studies at Leipzig University.

Corresponding to their interests of research the here collected articles throw light on chances and perspectives of the (late-)Byzantine society and its linguistic forms of expression. They try to bring together the philological and historical dimensions of Byzantine studies and in this way to sound the interrelation between persons and events, language and texts – between things happened and written. In the meticulous reflection on material and written evidences they consider economic and commercial aspects of the Byzantine Empire as well as matters of history of mentality and literature, problems of intercultural exchange and intellectual echo.

Among the 29 essays the following have exceptionally to be mentioned
The one by Peter Schreiner on forms of Byzantine merchants and the language of commercial texts (including many illustrations);
The paper by Irmgard Fees on Venetian notaries who are detectable in the eastern Mediterranean from the 11th to the 13th century (with an extensive prosopographic register);
One article by Günter Prinzing on post-Byzantine memorial and founders’ inscriptions (well documented by many illustrations and plates);
Investigations on the lives of Greeks during transition to Turkokratia or in their exiles (based on newly discovered and published sources).


2005, 544 pages, hardcover, many illustrations, XVI tables, 17 x 24 cm;
ISBN: 978-3-938533-03-1

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