Franks in the East.
Nature, dimensions, structure, and dynamics of migration from the Latin West into the Ottoman Empire of the 15th and 16th centuries on the basis of travelogues

[Ralf C. Müller]



Awarded a prize of the South-eastern-European Society 2005

Because of its methodology and wide-ranged basis on sources this work can produce and explain a lot of aspects which so far historiography didn’t detect and consider duly. Its newly gained knowledge will be profitable for the history of the Ottoman Empire as well as for our image of the late medieval/early modern societies of Eurasia.

Apart from the meticulous evaluation of sources this book also considers the huge corpus of secondary literature about mobility and migration, the history of the Ottomans and their relations towards the West during the 15th/16th century. By this means the author gets a comprehensive access to the phenomenon of immigration from Western Europe into the Ottoman Empire, and he discusses social structures, the fates of individual migrants and the mental background in that time.

Altogether 388 personal documents, among them 165 longer travelogues in a narrower sense, form the basis of this investigation in migration-history.

This extensive description of close cultural interconnection is based on the data collected in the “Prosopographie der Reisenden und Migranten ins Osmanische Reich (1396–1611)”. Therefore we permit ourselves to point to that encyclopaedia.


2005, 572 pages, hardcover, jacket, 17 x 24 cm;
ISBN: 978-3-938533-00-0

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