Ottoman Europe.
Methods and Perspectives of Historiogaphy on South Eastern Europe in Early Modern Times

Andreas Helmedach/ Markus Koller/ Konrad Petrovszky/ Stefan Rohdewald]



The changed political circumstances of the last two decades as well as new and advanced methods in the historical sciences have contributed to the fact, that Ottoman history is seen in other contexts than religious conflicts and military confrontations. Priority is increasingly given to cultural, economic, religious, and political interactions – both within the continents’-spanning Ottoman Empire, as well as in its relations to the Christian states of early modern and modern Europe.

This book follows up this trend and – overlooking the themes: Governance and Economy, Cultures of religions and Historical consciousness – summarises central fields of research in Early Modern Studies, Ottoman Studies, and historiography on Southeastern Europe. Numerous individual articles examine central issues of the mentioned diciplines and ask, to which extent their concepts and methods could be useful for a historiography that to an ever increasing extent works comparative, focussing on small- and large-scale cultural interrelations.

2014, 512 pages, hardcover, 17 x 24 cm;
ISBN: 978-3-938533-30-7

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