Health and Illness in the Middle Ages.
Marburg contributions to the cultural history of medicine

Andreas Meyer/ Jürgen Schulz-Grobert]



In this volume there are assembled the papers presented at the 3rd conference of the study group “Marburger Mittelalter-Zentrum (MMZ)” on March 25 and 26, 2005.

In different times societies very differently deal with health and illness. Especially towards thr negative form of physical life there are existing many evidences: illustrations of sick people and their illness, hospital-buildings, (plague-)cemeteries etc., as well as historical documents about institutions of nursing, about doctors, about medical and pharmaceutical history, and literary texts, which – if seen together – allow new insights and findings.

Thus, the essays of this book also represent a varied spectrum with regard to methodological access, showing the complex research work in many fields joining up in the Marburg Centre of Middle-Age-Studies.

Among the 14 essays the following have exceptionally to be mentioned:
The one by Thomas Gloning who extensively presents and on the basis of several sorces analyses the typ of text of German herbals (with illustrations);
The paper by Andreas Meyer on the life of lepers in Lucca during the 13th century (with a substantial appendix of sources);
One article by Peter Dilg who looks into the question how realistically historical facts in terms of pharmaceutics are reflected in Umberto Eco’s “Rosenovel”;
More investigations on the representation of pathological and abnormal phenomena in contemporary and modern literary texts.


2007, 376 pages, hardcover, illustrations, 17 x 24 cm;
ISBN: 978-3-938533-11-6

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