Saint Elisabeth and no end …
About the afterlive of Saint Elisabeth of Thuringia

Andreas Meyer]


The 800th birthday of St Elizabeth of Thuringia (1207–1231) was celebrated in different places in many ways, not least in Marburg, the last working place of the saint. The “Marburg Center of Medieval History‟ devoted itself particularly to the continued aftermath of Elizabeth: one centered around the reliquaries and their eventful history, the other with regard to other forms of Elisabeth-reception, working out many aspects of religious, social and mental history and showing the continuous popularity of the person of Elizabeth and relevance of their work.

In detail, the first part contains

the article written by Ralf Schmidt on the agate-cup of the Stockholm Crown-reliquary, in which the author advances an interesting and well-reasoned argument concerning the origin of the used agate;

the reprint of the sold-out text by Erika Dinkler-von Schubert on the shrine to St Elizabeth in Marburg;

the essay by Rita Amedick on the gemstone-jewelry of the same shrine that testifies international relations in the era of the Crusades.

In the second part

Christine Reinle deals with male action attributed to the field of the religio in the surroundings of St Elizabeth (Landgrave Louis III, Hermann I, Louis IV, Henry Raspe, Conrad IV);

Ingrid Kloerss turns towards Beguines in Marburg (13th–14th cent.) – usually in conjunction with the Teutonic Order, and examines their social origin, marital and legal status and financial circumstances;

and finally, Bianca Nassauer devotes herself to the afterlife of St Elizabeth in the musical practice of the 19th century by analysing two examples, namely the oratorios of Franz Liszt and Heinrich Müller Fidelis.

This volume is enclosed with a DVD containing colored overall and detailed views of the Elizabeth-reliquaries in Marburg, Stockholm and Bendorf-Sayn, reuniting the surviving contemporary Elizabeth-reliquaries at least virtually for the first time in more than 750 years – not only to please the reader, but also to promote research. In addition, the volume contains the exemplary iconographic description and explanation of the Marburg shrine of St Elizabeth as well as the history of the reliquaries since their manufacture.


2012, 352 pages, 16 tables, hardback, illustrations, 17 x 24 cm, with DVD containing the illustrations to all articles;
ISBN: 978-3-938533-32-1

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