The oldest deeds of the municipal archive of Worms (1074–1255)

Irmgard Fees/ Francesco Roberg]

Digitale Urkundenbilder aus dem Marburger Lichtbildarchiv älterer Originalurkunden – DIGUB 1



Digital reproductions of documents from the Marburg photo-archive of older original deeds – DIGUB 1

Reproductions of all originally recorded deeds from the town-archive in Worms until 1255 in chronological order: Among the illustrations are 19 deeds issued by seven Kings or Emperors of the 11th till 13th centuries, furthermore one falsification of an imperial deed (no 4), one papal deed (no 6), one deed of a papal legate (no 29), four episcopal deeds (no 13, 15, 22, 23), one deed of the cathedral chapter of Worms (no 14) as well as documents issued by monasteries of Worms or citizens of Worms and Speyer (no 8, 17, 21). The richness of the written records is documented by the seals, among which on can find rulers’ seals made from wax or gold (no 5, 16), but bishops’ seals (no 13, 22) as well as seals of towns and monasteries (no 21). Except the seals themselves one could study different ways of fixing, too.

About the series of DIGUB which is started by this portfolio:
In the younger past the opportunities of revision and reproduction of high-quality-copies are considerably wider by using digital techniques. However, there is a lack of high-quality reproductions of medieval deeds at a reasonable price. This new series should find a remedy. The stock of the Marburg photo-archive – unique within Europe – provides the ideal basis for this project. The archive contains copies of about 16.000 deeds (on ca. 43.000 negatives) and therefore a large part of original deeds up to 1250 addressed to recipients who lived in the Holy Roman Empire. From the beginning of the archive in 1927 until today the photos have been taken by experienced photographers using special photographic techniques and demanding a great deal of themselves. They used large-sized cameras and highly resolving lenses which allow an adequate reproduction and gentle treatment of the originals, made separate photographs of the seals using a special illumination and fluorescence-pictures showing faded or damaged writing. Altogether, the reproductions from the collection in Marburg presented by the DIGUB-series are in terms of quality at least equal to works showing medieval deeds as for instance the “Imperial deeds in illustrations” and comparable portfolios or books, but superior to them in terms of price and availability.

Study-Edition, cardboard-portfolio – content identically equal to Library-Edition

2006, 32 tables, 6 pages – format: DIN A3 (29.7 cm x 42 cm), ill. black and white;
ISBN: 978-3-938533-05-5

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