From the College of Visual Artists to the Artists’ House Schaddelmühle.
1974 to 2014 – History of a Vision

[Frank Brinkmann/ Sabine Tanz]



The College of Visual Artists »Schaddelmühle«, founded in 1974, was a unique phenomenon in the art’s landscape of the GDR.

Away from the official cultural policy, it offered a self-determined living- and working-place for new and established ceramicists, who found almost ideal conditions for her artistic work in the Mulde-valley.

From the activity in a freely chosen community and in constant communication about the content of arts and the impact of their own works, the fellows drew in a highly productive atmosphere a highly effective and multifaceted œuvre.

Challenges were once on the political field, since 1990, they are more economic. They not only require constant adaptation in terms of organisation, but contemporaneous artistic innovations, new collaborations, and emphatic reactions.


2014, 128 pages, softcover, many coloured and black-and-white ill., inset, 24 x 24 cm;
ISBN: 978-3-938533-51-2

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